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Friday, August 6, 2010

Printmakers Today Book Review

In this beautiful and informative book, editor Jeffrey B. Snyder has assembled the modern works of over 60 contemporary print artists. Included among their works are examples of woodcuts, lithographs, screenprints, silkscreens, etching, mezzotint, serigraph print, linocut, solarplate, vitreograph, photoetching, aquatint, drypoint, digital transfer, and more. The artists range for seasoned professionals to recent college graduates. All have successfully appeared in juried shows and/or galleries. The imagery is sharp, the details all present. What makes this book ... dare I say it ... I DO ... unique is the fact that multiple images of each artist's works are shown and the artists (in personal statements and explanations) describe why they do what they do, and in some cases how. They speak of inspiration as well. As one reader said, "This is like going to the best gallery show ever." And the artists tell you what they have done. Consider this your own private tour in the company of these talented individuals. The artwork presented all comes from the first decade of the twenty-first century. This is truly turn of the century art, and it is compelling.

Other books in the Art Today book series include Ceramics Today, Glass Art Today, and Wood Art Today 2. See the Schiffer Publishing website: to learn more about this series and to see the rest of the books editor Jeffrey B. Snyder has been creating for this dynamic and ongoing series.

Printmakers Today is a 256 page hard cover book that sells for $50.00.

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