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Monday, August 23, 2010

Relaxation: A Modest Proposal

After a summer working 60+ hour weeks with a full time job and part time internship as a chaplain, a break was long overdue and much needed for sanity's sake (mine and my family's ... they have to live with me after all.) My brother and sister-in-law had the brilliant idea of meeting up in Lewes, Delaware for some beach time. Our two families converged on Lewes on Saturday, August 21, 2010. Our first experience was with the beach along the Atlantic Ocean. The beach was terrific, the waves mild ... a good place for families.

There was one exception to this. The public beach is lined with bars and restaurants and some folks with less restraint on vacation have a tendency to enjoy the booze a bit too much before going to the beach. We ran into a small knot of such folks who make one feel the decline of civilization is at hand as every other word was F-you or f-'in this or that. Well, after a short run of this, some very muscular folk converged upon them and told them this was not allowed. F-you! was the slurred response as the angry trio staggered toward the beach exit. At that point, the muscular fellow who had spoken lifted an until now unseen walkie talkie to his lips and gave a short command. Four other muscular types, one on an ATV converged and headed purposefully up the path toward town that the three drunks had taken. No more was seen of the drunks. The young muscular types returned nonplussed shortly ... the same muscular types I had been rather depressed to see when we arrived at the beach as the contrast between them and my aging self was all too painfully obvious. After this incident, I was much happier to be among them and discovered the beach patrol is quite extensive on the public beach, a beach open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with life guards.

Elaborate sand castle build by beach patrol who allowed small children to run through before high tide removed.
Sunday took us to the Lewes, Delaware (first town in the first state) state park. Out of staters pay $8 for entry and it is well worth it. On the Delaware by, this beach has no wave action to speak of (perfect for small children and their parents), long stretches of shallow water, and no bars anywhere nearby. You can borrow shore bikes to ride through park trails.
Lighthouse ... Lewes, Delaware, state park.

On Delaware Bay in the state park ... calm, shallow water.
After the park, historic Lewes, Delaware, is well worth a visit. Lots of historical buildings, well maintained, to see and many shops and restaurants to visit. Be mindful of your time limits on the metered parking. The meter patrol is active and fine payment boxes are attached to the meters.

Finally, by accident, looking for a restaurant as Saturday evening waned, we ran across the wonderfully, strangely named "Crabby Dick's". I can personally attest that the Crab Fluff (crab cake cooked in beer batter) is fantastic, the adult and kid's menus are ample, paper covers the table and crayons are provided for young and old artists alike, and the double entendres to entertain adults fly fast and furious on the menu. The prices are reasonable, the food fantastic, and the staff very friendly and efficient!

The modest proposal, what is it? Here it is. Get away when you are stressed and overworked, even if it is only for a single day. Go to the right place, and one day (or a day and a half in our case) can feel like a real vacation and you'll go home with your head in the right place to return to work, your spirits lifted, and your body refreshed. Life is too short to spend working all the time ... or chained to a computer blogging.

Well, there you have it. The high tech version of the dread summer vacation slides.
Historical Presbyterian Church and former members

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