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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Riverstone Café for Sunday Brunch

Riverstone Café, listed as a "Tapas, Oyster, and Martini Bar," serves a fantastic Sunday brunch the whole family can enjoy. The variety of excellent dishes is enough to keep you coming back time and again. The price is reasonable, especially for what is offered. Adults pay $17.95 a head, while children eat at an economical $7.95 each. Located at 145 W. Lincoln Highway, in Exton, Pennsylvania, the restaurant recommends reservations, but does not require them. We visited as a last minute decision, without reservations, and were quickly seated and quite pleased with the service and selection. However, rather than testing your luck, it might be better to call 610-594-CAFÉ (2233) and reserve a table. The ambiance is modern and sleek, the staff is personable and friendly, and the food … the food is superb.

Here’s what you have to choose from:

• Omelet Station
• Pasta Station
• Carved Meat Station
• Eggs Benedict is available to order, and Crab & Spinach Benedict may be ordered for $2 more
• Fresh Seafood/Poultry & Beef Entrees, Bacon, Sausage, Belgium Waffles, French Toast, Potatoes, Sausage Gravy, Vegetables, Grits, Rice, etc.
• Soup du Jour, House Smoked Salmon, oysters on the half shell, assorted cheeses and spreads, chicken/pasta & tossed salads, a variety of bagels & breads and brunch pizzas, and many tempting desserts.

When we went, there was more than enough for everyone, even those with less than adventurous tastes. One of the joys for me was watching my father show our daughter how to fix smoked salmon. She had never had this treat and is now a fan.

Place an order at the omelet station (choosing from the wide variety of ingredients to add to that omelet will be the first of many tough choices you’ll have to make) and then browse the rest of the tables, picking and choosing among all of the other treats. You can’t go wrong with that strategy.

You can also check out their website at:

Oh, by the way, one of the great ads for Riverstone is the wonderful smell coming from this establishment on Sunday morning. You get your first whiff of it while you are still at the stoplight outside the shopping center on Route 100! By the time you come through the front door, you are eager to dine.
Take a close look at the door handles as you're entering. They're a nice touch.

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