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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: Abject Failure

Well readers, I've run this blog for over a year now. The original purpose of the blog was to promote my children's book, Michael and the New Baby. Well, the news is in from the publisher and this blog has accounted for exactly no sales whatsoever in over a year. This blog has been an abject failure in its original purpose. Now it is time for me to sit back and think. Is blogging not a viable way to make potential readers aware of a book? Do the types of articles I write (4 major themes intended to draw in a variety of readers who might be in the market for this sort of book) simply not reach the appropriate market? Is there something fundamentally wrong with my approach, the book, or is the intended readership for the book simply too narrow to be viable? Does successful blogging simply require far more time than I am able ... or willing ... to sink into the project?

I have enjoyed the process, been happy with receiving contacts from around the globe, and as a writer have relished the challenge to come up with new materials regularly ... but I have to ask myself at this point if this is a viable means to accomplish this particular goal. Should another year be invested in this process?

Any thoughts? Anyone?

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