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Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer 2010

Day breaks cool. Soft light fills the eastern sky. Birds call to one another as they begin the morning's business. Bees, honey and bumble, hum among the flower beds. Butterflies and moths gather at the butterfly bush. Humans stir and begin the daily busyness, the ceaseless rush. The world around them calls, speaking of far gentler pursuits.
Morning fishermen, seeking the hungry bass and trout, find peace among the whispering streams and chuckling rivers.
The sun climbs the sky in a slow, stately turn. White clouds dot the bright blue arc of the sky, the great and endless dome that promises lazy, slow motion days. Most adults look out upon this sky, and the green trees and cool grass from behind closed windows. The only buzzing they hear come from flourescent lights and cell phones. When they steal glances, summer calls. Summer reminds them of childhood, of endless hours spent in grass, of ball games and tag and bike rides down lanes and through fields. Children play in the sun, unaware of the longing of the adults behind their concrete walls and mounds of paper. Until vacations, when all run free.
In time the sun kisses the western horizon and paints the evening sky with colors. Families gather around backyard grills. The birds call goodnight to each other. Picnic dinners savored slow in the waning light. Children tucked into bed, stories read, a last goodnight.
Fireflies dance in the trees, winking fairy lights in the velvet dark. Mothers and fathers, lovers young and old, sit in their backyards, raising relaxed faces to accept the kiss of the cooling breeze, sipping sun tea, watching the stars come out as the silver moon replace the yellow sun.
Bright day, warm night, all filled with promises, providing delights for those wise enough to slow to summer's pace while she lingers in the land.

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