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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Turning Off the 2009 Toyota Yaris Maintenance Required Light

I own a 2009 Toyota Yaris. I love it ... a lot. But, if you have one and are mystified on how to turn off the darned Maintenance Required light (which only tells you it's time to change the oil ... which isn't covered in the manual by the way), here's how it is done!

  1. Put the key in the ignition and switch the car on (but don't start it). 
  2. Set the trip meter to A, turn off the car again. 
  3. Now, first push in the trip meter button, then turn the ignition key to on. 
  4. The trip meter numbers will turn to dashes, the Maintenance Required light flashes and 5 second later it goes out.* 
Simple things make me happy, especially things that have puzzled me for a while.

To learn how to reset the clock on the Toyota Yaris, see:
Here's how a 4 year old Yaris with 60,000+ miles has held up:

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*Thanks to WikiAnswers for this valuable information.


Josh said...


J.S. Brooks said...

Glad to help Josh. Enjoy driving with that light off!

Anonymous said...

Thank you , i have a 2009 and it did the trick , works fantastic!!

J.S. Brooks said...

Glad it worked. I was thrilled to discover this trick myself.

Anonymous said...

It did the trick. No more having to explain why it is on. Thank you!

yellowliner said...

Actually, the light doesn't tell you "need" an oil change. It's not based on the condition or level of your oil; it's based on mileage. For example, I changed my oil in May, light came on in October. Was oil change needed? No, but I had reached 3,000 miles. So dumb light came on. I wish I could disable this permanently! But thanks for telling me how to do it for now. We'll do battle again when I hit 5K miles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trick worked

Anonymous said...

Thank you!