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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When Do I Start Reading to My Kids?

There are so many things for new parents to think about, so many schedules to keep, so many learning opportunities to expose your new child to. And the question is sure to come up, when should I start reading to my child? The answer is simple: NOW, NOW, NOW!!! There is no too soon for reading to a child. You can start on day one and your child will have an educational edge, growing up with a love of books that will last a lifetime and always be an asset.

Don't be like the parent attending kindergarten orientation who asked the teacher when he should start reading to his child. That young teacher did an admirable job hiding her shock as she gave a more diplomatic version of the answer I have just given you.

Read to your children early and read to them often.

One word of warning though. If you find yourself getting sleepy while reading to your child at bedtime, be careful what you say. I was almost asleep, reading away, when I was jolted wide awake. I had misread the phrase "...the goll-durndest thing he ever did see" as something far saltier. Fortunately for me, my child had already fallen asleep and wouldn't be repeating that one in the morning.

Reading to children is just one of those wonderful things you can never be too early to start.

I can certainly suggest one book!

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