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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Important Message on Civility

Along with being a writer, editor, and former historical archaeologist, the man behind the curtain of J.S. Brooks Presents is also a licensed American Baptist pastor working through seminary part time to receive a M.Div. and move on to ordination. Yesterday, I was on Google Images looking for the image of an American Baptist Pastor. Much to my horror and then fury, the first image to come up was a lunatic carrying inflamatory placards who was listed as an American Baptist. American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) has put out a strong disclaimer against this individual, stating in no uncertain terms that he is not and never has been an American Baptist Minister. Those images should be pulled down from Google Images for the damage they do to decent ABC pastors everywhere.

This is a sideways approach to the topic of civility. Last year, well before the horrors in Tuscon, ABCUSA put out a call for civil speech during the furor over healthcare reform. That call for civil speech is just as important now (sadly) as it was during the pitched battles and heated hyperbole of last year. Please follow this address and consider carefully what is said:

Have a peace-filled, civil day. And if you want biblical support for this stance, follow THIS address and read the Scripture verses there:

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