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Monday, January 31, 2011

J.S. Brooks Presents Celebrates a Milestone

A while back I wrote counseling writers to celebrate the small victories whenever they come. I'm taking my own advice ... once again. One year ago this month, this blog accumulated its highest visit and page view totals (according to SiteMeter) at 283 visits and 700 page views. Over the year, the number of visits have grown (especially since August) and exceeded that number, however the total number of page views remained stubbornly below the 700 mark. This January, one year later, the total number of visitors is (as of this morning's writing) 417 and (drum roll please) the total number of page views sits at 709! Victory at last. Now these numbers are small potatoes compared to long established blogs, but this blog is only about 1 1/2 years old. So, celebrating another small victory. Tomorrow morning I'll put up January's final tally. Thanks to all the readers who have stopped by from all over the planet and read or watched videos on all those pages. I am glad you came.

Okay, the final tally for the January 2011, as dawn seeps over the horizon, is 428 visits and 731 page views for the month. These numbers are the new benchmark for J.S. Brooks Presents to beat. I wonder if it will take until January of 2012 to do so?

According to the stats available from Blogger (a newer feature I really like), readers from the US are my most frequent visitors (which surprises me not at all as this blog is based in the US). My second most frequent visitors are from South Korea, a stat I find truly fascinating. Welcome everyone, wherever you are from. I'm looking forward to another year of blogging with you all.

Courtesy of NASA

Now, onward ... it's time to see if we can beat this new benchmark together!

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