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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kansas Protest Group NOT Baptist, NOT Christian

After the Supreme Court's ruling that Fred Phelps and his family can indeed spread their hateful bile under the First Amendment, this family organization -- which I can't in good conscience call a church -- is about to start hideous campaigns against new families who are currently grieving unimaginable losses. The first victims chosen are a family of hard working farmers is central Pennsylvania, the Clouse family, who lost seven children when their house went up in flames. This group has deemed the parents "Godless" and, encouraged by their Supreme Court verdict, therefore are going to spew their twisted theology of hatred as the parents grieve their unimaginable loss and bury their dead children. The second family to receive the unholy attention of these thugs masquerading as both church people and lawyers are the McAndrews, suffering the loss of two children at the hands of another one of their own. Fortunately for the Clouses, their community has posted a Facebook page stating when and where to form a human shield between these monsters and the grieving family for the funeral.

I agree with Senator Bob Casey, who was reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer that the plans of this group are "disgusting" and that they should do the following, "The protesters should stay in Kansas and pray for the Clouse family. The U.S. Supreme Court may say that they can continue to preach hate, but that doesn't mean we should tolerate their actions in Pennsylvania."

For those of you who are not Christian, I want to assure you that these people are not acting as Christians are taught to act by biblical teachings. These people act entirely outside of any Christian faith. Further, please do not try to judge Christians by the vocal minorities at either extreme of the spectrum that are noisy enough to draw public attention to themselves. They do not represent the faith in its entirety or its complexity. Most Christians are hard at work behind the scenes helping others and leading them by deed and word to a better life offered by God through Christ.

Please read the following messages by American Baptist Churches USA in response to the Phelps family's atrocious actions and their insistence on defaming the Baptist faith by including "Baptist" in the title of their so-called "church." And if you think I'm being hard on this small, outspoken Westboro group of hatemongers, well, two things ...1)  in respect for civil discourse and because of my faith I'm pulling my punches ... 2) and the Supreme Court says I have every right in the world to speak my mind. Please read these articles:

The first article is quite short and if you click on the title of this posting, you'll be taken there. 

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