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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Messages Across Time: London Centre Fall 1980, Part 2

On September 4, 1980, Yes performed its last concert. On September 5, 1980, the world's longest auto tunnel, St Gotthard in Swiss Alps, opened. On September 6, 1980, college football's longest losing streak of 50 games ended. Meanwhile, in London ...

September 4, 1980

One of today's discoveries was that you can get good food for a low price at a pub. ... We roamed further today. We made it around both Hyde and Kensington Parks. I feel that by the end of this trip my walking distance will have greatly increased. I have noticed a definite split in our group now into smaller traveling groups. Riding the bus was an experience. I was surprised to see that you don't pay as soon as you get on one of the double deckers, but wait for a "ticket taker" to come around. ... I rode the Tube, another name I've learned, for the first time with the group tonight. It made me feel like I've conquered one more mystery of the city but I'm not completely sure of it yet. Parliment at night was beautiful but I wish I knew the ages of buildings better so I could get a better grip on English history and the great age of things. As far as the traffic situation is concerned, a good rule of thumb while getting used to the reversed traffic patterns is to "do as the natives do."

Sadly, the Kodak slide film has lost some of its color and sparkle in 30+ years. But, I'm still glad to have them.

September 6, 1980

I was right. The longer I'm here, the further I'll walk. Several of us walked down to Reagents Park today. The parks seem to try to outdo each other, one being more beautiful than those before it. I haven't seen anything like them in the U.S. Today was the first time I took a casual ride on the Tube and now I have the hang of it. Another observation: it seems that water fountains are rare in London. Every one I've seen has almost been a monumental structure! Today we also went to the Madame Tousaudes wax museum. I'd heard about it. But on sight, it's a little more commercial than it's worth. [The opinions presented here are those of my 20/21 year old self and do not necessarily represent my views today.]

[I'm skipping those days where nothing happens. There were a few down days needed for regrouping during this trip. We stayed in a small hotel in the city with a tabletop version of Space Invaders in the lobby and a middle aged woman in a purple tiger striped leotard who was a fixture around the place.
For the first post in this occasional series, see: or click on the post title and it will take you there.]

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