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Friday, May 6, 2011

London Centre: Fall 1980, Part 9: Short Interludes Before the Next Event

Dover leftover, part of the gang
September 25, 1980

I don't have much to say about today. Dr. Bradbury took us through the Tate and as usual boggled our minds by pointing out details in the paintings and after that Watch on the Rhine was a fairly good play. (Oh yes, before that [several of us] ate at the Tennessee Pancake House. I have never tasted a crueler rendition of Southern cooking. BLAH!!!) Most of all I enjoyed, as always, walking back to the tube station past Big Ben and while on the other side of the Thames, seeing Parliament and Big Ben lit up, the green under-lighting and the lit crests on the bridge and the reflection of it all in the water.

September 26-29, 1980

After geography Friday was another of those do nothing days. The sharing of experiences in geography is sinking in. I notice we all exchange little tips more often now. ... [Saturday evening] we went to see the play Amadeus ... in the Olivier Theatre in the NT (National Theatre). I recommend it highly! Afterwards we stood on the balcony outside the Olivier and gasped at the Thames as boats passed lit in the night. I recommend that too!

September 30, 1980

Music class was unique today. The guest conductor, Lawrence Leonard, who spoke to us taught us the basics of conducting. It must have looked pretty strange to see all of us conducting that record player with him. It felt pretty dumb but I must admit I understand the basics of conducting now.

October 1, 1980

Greenwich was great fun. I enjoyed the boat trip down. I'll never forget Lydia Petersen's name for us on the trip down. We are not the Ball State Boat or Bus People. I think that describes us very well. Upon arrival we were all herded to the Cutty Sark, a tea clipper. One of the last and fastest of the sailing ships made of wood. It was a beautiful thing ... After that [several of us] went to a little carry out (take away) shop for fish and chips. It was very good with low prices for a huge chunk of fish. After that we spent the rest of the day in the Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory. The observatory commands a beautiful view of the city from its hilltop perch. Most people at the observatory stand with one foot on each side of the East/West Meridian. I felt obstinate and stood with both feet on the line to have my picture taken. Some guy walked by and mumbled about what a pain we damned tourists are. I replied loudly "Ever and always!" I saw him later and he gave me a funny look.

That evening, after having trouble finding a place for dinner and looking in antique and junk shop windows, the play Time and the Conways was fairly good. It made me think.

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