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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Resetting the Clock on Your Toyota Yaris

The Yaris is a very basic automobile, especially if you bought the manual transmission version. Oh, it has plenty of bells and whistles and safety features, don't get me wrong. I love mine. And yet, simple as it is, you have to know a few tricks to make certain items work properly.

Setting the clock is an exercise in patience. You'll find the digital clock on the center dash. It consists of those glowing digits on the left hand side of the speedometer and one button. That simple, single button is for setting the time. Very simple ... but not so much so if you don't know the secret. To begin setting the time, hold in the button beneath the clock on the left ... not the button beneath the odometer on the right, your other left. That's it. Hold in the clock button until the hour starts blinking. Now you can tap the clock button to move the hour forward until you reach the right hour for your time zone. NEXT ... PATIENCE. This is the trick. Once the hour is set ... do NOTHING. Wait a few seconds. In time, the minutes will start to magically flash all on their own and you can set them by once again tapping the button. After that, again it's the patience trick. Do nothing more. The minutes will stop flashing on their own ... in a minute or less. You're done. Now you know. Pass it on.

I'm seeing a lot more Yaris's (or is it Yari) on the road as the gas prices hover near the four dollar mark (or above in certain areas). The great highway miles are really starting to pay off, aren't they. And then there's parallel parking. It's so easy when there's so little distance between the back and front bumpers. 


Unknown said...

My clock not working , . .do you know where is problem , . .thanks 1

J.S. Brooks said...

I'll see what I can find ...

J.S. Brooks said...

Now I know, or have one avenue for you to check. See the post
for my discovery.