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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


On August 23, 2011, the East Coast of the United States shook from North Carolina to New York. Many Facebook friends felt the shift and commented on it. In our area, at the office it started as a slight rolling sensation. It felt like someone was moving something heavy past my office door and causing the floor to shake. I stepped out into the hallway to see what was going on when the building started shifting side to side under our feet. A friend of mine recognized it for what it was and stood in a doorway just in case. It ended quickly, but for hours after that I walked around like the floor just wasn't as solid as it used to be. There hasn't been an earthquake that strong (5.9 at the epicenter) on the East Coast since 1879, so this is one both for the history books and to tell the grandkids about someday.

Now I start to understand, just a little bit, how people feel who go through a big earthquake and they all have my sympathy. No damage in our area, except a friend reports his garage floor cracked into several pieces. However, in DC the National Cathedral, the second largest church in the US, was damaged. Several spire bits fell off and the central spire is reported to have a lean to it. Now, where will they find the stone masons to undertake repairs. Hoping nobody southwest of DC in Virginia near or at the epicenter was hurt. However, unlike SOME large offices I could mention, after it was over we just went back to work.

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