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Monday, August 15, 2011

We Do Come Together When It Counts

Saturday night at 8:45 pm tragedy struck the Indiana State Fair. As a powerful storm rushed in, 60 mph wind gusts brought down the stage, enveloping several rows of fans awaiting the concert in the front rows. Four died immediately, a fifth by the next day and more than 40 were injured.

However, things could have been far worse. Instead of panicking and running away from the disaster, potentially trampling others and leaving the 40+ people trapped beneath the stage, the fair goers in the immediate area instantly turned toward the stage to help rescuers reach the trapped victims of this disaster. Working together, the crowd was able to lift portions of the stage rigging, allowing quick access and medical help.

It is heartening to see, during these truly divisive times, that when it really counts, human beings can and will set aside all differences to help others. People will make sacrifices and risk their personal safety to reach total strangers and save their lives. This is uplifting. This is an encouragement to hold tight to as the invectives fly over world economic disturbance and politicians prefer to hang tight to political ideologies and seem only interested in helping their well heeled supporters rather than the people and nation they have sworn they would serve.

We, the average citizens, will rush forward to help in times of crisis. Despite all the horror stories in the news, I stand by the assertion that humans are basically good and that our nature is to rush in to help others when the chips are down and disaster strikes.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who were impacted by the disaster of August 13, 2011. I stand with you in your pain and your grief.

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