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Monday, September 19, 2011

Keeping the Inner Geek Alive

Okay, no T.G. items here but camera is on fritz so this is geeky stuff
This is for all the sci-fi, anime, Star Trek (a force unto themselves), Star Wars, video gamers and everybody else who proudly waves the geek flag. There is a place for you online. No it's not World of Warcraft (please). It's a place where there is plenty of stuff tailored to your passions. And age is no barrier here. No amazing thumb reflexes necessary. Nope, geeks young and old are welcome. It's Think Geek, They've got stuff you've never heard of but always hoped for. My favs are the miniature Easter Island heads and the 2001 a Space Odyessy Monolith Action Figure with 0 points of articulation (and you have to be a geek to get THAT joke). I know someone (I'm not telling who) who is a huge Portal fan with a T.G. favorite item being the plush Companion Cube. If you've kept that inner geek under tight reign for a long time, come on, let him or her out for air ... in private ... behind closed doors if you must. Just check it out. The caffinated monkeys await you (you'll see)!

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