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Monday, October 10, 2011

Help Your Children Fly. Give Them Vision: Vision [Save the James Webb Space Telescope]

This isn't advice as much as it is an invitation. This morning on the BBC, as a I was groggily facing the morning, the reporters (an optimist and a skeptic) were engaged in friendly banter over which was better, an optimistic or pessimistic outlook on life. Well, science backs the optimist. Sure, we all know bad things will happen to us, we plan for them, we brace ourselves, and still we are taken by surprise. Yes, we all die someday. But, in the meantime, what mindset will you gift your children with? How will you treat them today? How do they see you operate and what do they hear you saying about this world of ours, this universe of ours, about faith, about all the big and little matters of life? My invitation is this. Help your children fly. Give them wings of optimism and hope. Look at the world with them through their excited young eyes and see it anew yourself. Revel together in their most magical point of view on everything when they are young. Help them to retain some of that dazzling belief in the world's brilliance and beauty, all of its natural magic. Help them to see that there is hope in this world and that as individuals and corporately we can all make a difference for good or ill every single day we live. Help them to understand their role in society as one who reaches out to others and offers a helping hand. Show them that the American "self-made man" image is an illusion. Every "self-made" individual is actually the beneficiary of society's norms and many dedicated people who helped raise, educate, and protect her or him. That individual was able to do what she/he did because he/she lived in a society that allowed for development and change, that protected ideas, concepts, and inventions, and offered up opportunities to erect factories, hire workers, and market products. No one in this world goes it alone. Teach kids that working together we can accomplish much. Teach them that working together means trusting one another and believing the world can and will be a better place if we all work together toward that goal. Show your kids that fear stifles creativity, anxiety crushes hope, terror leads to lashing out angrily at others. Point kids in the right direction, guide them with your love and vision, nurture them with hope for a better tomorrow. Help your children fly.

The following video also speaks of vision, a particular vision. It also speaks to the broad and optimistic outlook which will allow us to head into that bright future. See you there. I'm sure of it.

[Thanks again to my friends at Universe Today for telling me of this video. ... sorry about the three-peat of the video. That's a mistake I don't know how to correct.]

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