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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Becoming Transhuman - Part One: Affirming

Any program that starts with the music from the old sci-fi show "Space 1999" has my attention. Here's an unusual subject just right for the 21st century. There are people who want to rapidly evolve humanity using technology to make us better, stronger, faster ... or something like that. They want to download our brains, fuse our bodies with machines (see the mechanical artificial limbs of today, and then some. This seems way too much like the "Popular Mechanics" future of nuclear cars and housemaid robots. I'm not sure I want to entrust the well being of my mortal and stubborn body to Microsoft uploads and improvements, even if it offers a longer life ... although I imagine power failures could be truly traumatic.

For more, much more, on transhumanism you can watch the rest of these episodes or link to the Studio 360 episode on this far out, high tech future at:

My humble suggestion is that rather than trying to go high tech tinkering with what we are that we dedicate ourselves to being the best humans we can be. Be kind to others, work for peace, work to end hunger, work to end war, work to end pandemics, work to reach out to others and move forward together into a better future. Be proactive with each other, social in the best sense with each other. Of course, that might seem even more of a science fiction idea than adding machines to our bodies or replacing bodies with machines. But, that's my view of the future, a hopeful future of peace, mercy, and justice for everyone where the talents of all are fully developed and all are able to contribute to a thriving, vibrant society that spans the planet and heads out into the stars.

By the way, the last line of this little film ... terrifying! You'll see. 

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