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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Christmas Book for the Reading Challenged Child

As a young child, I had a problem with the muscles controlling my eyes. They did not cooperate with each other. Fortunately I lived in Chicago at the time, where a talented ophthalmologist had developed new methods for getting those muscles to work together and in time I got over the problem. But for years reading was a challenged. I'd get to the end of one line of text, my eyes would cease cooperating and I'd lose my place. I'd have to find the line I'd read, find the next line, and move forward. It was an excruciating process and really lowered my self-esteem. I thought about this when I wrote Michael and the New Baby and did something different to encourage the reading challenged.

This 36 page book is broken up into 19 individual chapters of no more than a couple of pages. If you have a reading challenged child, here is a way to elevate her or his self-esteem. Your child can proudly tell others, "I have finished a chapter book and I read it all by myself!" It may not sound like much to you, who are reading proficient, but to the child struggling, this is a shining moment to be treasured. This is an accomplishment that will encourage further reading.

And, parents of a struggling child, take heart. With the love and encouragement of my parents and specialists, I overcame my disability and am an avid book reader (and writer) today. The difficulties will pass for your child as well! Hang in there. Give Michael and the New Baby a try with your reading challenged child and see if it doesn't help.

You can order your copy directly from Old Line Publishing at:
With Michael and the New Baby, soon your child will be sailing through a chapter book too!

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