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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Leaders: Perfect Gift for Fearful Followers Facing Sibling Situation ...

Leaders, purchase a few copies of Michael and the New Baby to keep on hand. Give a copy to a child who is about to become an older sibling. This story will help to calm their fears about being the older brother or sister. They will be assured that love grows and there will always be enough to go around. They will not be excluded from the family simply because a new child has arrived. These older sibs to be will learn the virtues of sharing. They will come to see that not all the messages they receive on TV (cartoons so often portray the older sibling as either a villain or a dolt) are true. They will also discover the uplifting messages that there is always more than one way to return home and that they are equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed in difficult situations. All of this, and more, they will discover in an engaging, fictional adventure story richly illustrated with cartoon graphics. This is an easy way to help your youngest followers and support their parents and relatives in what is often a stressful and harried time.

Religious leaders: like the Song of Songs, Michael and the New Baby does not speak of God directly, but as the author of the Song of Songs believed that love comes from the author of all love, God, so this author believes in God and uplifts virtues in the story always considered valuable to the faith traditions. You too can give copies to your young congregants to reassure them. You can also use Michael and the New Baby as a teaching tool, making the links to your faith tradition in the various story elements.

I can tell all of you leaders that this children's book was field tested before it was published. This story truly calmed our son's fears of becoming the older brother around the time our daughter was born. It was written for this occasion and it worked. It will work for you too. Keep a few copies handy in your office and pass them out when needed. At $12.95 a copy, this useful book will not break your bank either. But for heaven's sake, give this gift to the worried child with the parents present and in public. I don't want you all getting in trouble now! Good luck to you in all your endeavors as leaders!

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