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Friday, December 16, 2011

Perfect Christmas Gift for 2011 Receives Endorsement

Our son's girlfriend has read Michael and the New Baby and given it her approval. She declared it to be "cute." I declare that a ringing endorsement. For $12.95 you can determine for yourself, is the story cute or something else. Me, I call it useful, uplifting, and encouraging. But of course I'm biased!

Still, writers, celebrate the small stuff. It will keep you going.

This was an interesting experience, as I was in the room when she read the book. Stephen King said of his wife reading one of his manuscripts with him in the room (and I paraphrase ... apologies to Mr. King), "There is no creature as insecure as an author."

The last time I felt that level of insecurity, our daughter had dropped off the book for her English teacher to read. I felt like I'd dropped back into school and was waiting for the teacher's grade. The English teacher loved it, much to my relief.

To order this often endorsed book for yourself: You can order your copy directly from Old Line Publishing at: 


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