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Monday, December 12, 2011

Radio Worth Listening To, Stress Reducing, Fascinating

If you know where to look, computer users can listen to some very entertaining radio of today and yesteryear. These shows will reduce stress in these difficult, hectic times by fascinating you with terrific listening entertainment. When you have a chance, follow these links, open your ears, and expand your mind. All of the shows I mention allow you to listen to the entire archived broadcast.

Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me (weekly news roundup with a laugh):

Interfaith Voices (a show designed to promote religious harmony ... a rarity today):

Radio Lab (these guys have too much fun! But, be warned, their shows require a lot of work and hour long episodes only appear a few times each year, but there are many shows archived, so have fun!):

Snap Judgment (1 hour of "storytelling with a beat"):
The Big Broadcast (4 hours of radio from the golden age of radio):

Those are my favorites, all well worth listening to. Only The Big Broadcast doesn't archive their shows, so you have to tune in each week to see what treats were played last Sunday.  What are your favorites that you feel others should hear. As you can see, great radio is not dead, at least not on NPR! Where do you find yours?

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