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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For All Who Grieve, a Link to Prayers and Scripture

These are difficult times. Many people are struggling. Many grieve for the loss of loved ones. If you grieve today, please follow this link to a Pennsylvania church blog site for some prayer and promises from Scripture. Know this, you are not alone in your crisis. I stand with you and pray for you in this time of grief. So does this small Pennsylvania church.

Before you go, a prayer for you, whoever and wherever you are:

Merciful God, comfort us as we face the valley of the shadow of death. Lift our eyes from the dark depths to the hills from whence help comes. Aid us to see your light, that it may be for us a light upon the path and a lamp upon the way until we come into the fullness of your presence, where there is no shadow or hiding. Amen

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