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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Farewell to Christmas 2011 ... In Ornaments

Christmas was ... super ... this year. Long ago my wife and I established a family tradition. Early Christmas morning at home opening gifts for each other and then over the river and through the woods (literally, via interstate) to Grandmother's (and Grandfather's) house we'd go. Well, this year, many years down the line, I thought we might bend the tradition and head for the grands house on Christmas eve. Our daughter, bringing up what was for her a lifelong tradition, asked for us to continue true to form this year. She was convincing and we did.

Christmas morning in the car was special. There was a very thin cloud overcast that gave the landscape a luminous glow, the colors rich and bright. It felt like God was gracing the morning ... and there was blessed little traffic.

The whole family was present and a rollicking time was had by one and all. It was one for the books. But somehow, few photos and videos get taken at such events in our family. We're too busy living them to stop for record taking. Hence, Christmas in review by ornament.

This year on the tree Hallmark (always purchased after Christmas at a half off discount ... it's always interesting to see what's left) gave us the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ala Disney to cruise for slave ships to sink. I'm happy to report Captain Nemo found not one slaver to sink ... although he seems to have malicious intent toward the wooden Santa and his Noel light pole (if that's what it is ... that ornament always reminds me of the old image of the drunk hanging onto the lamp post outside the bar ... weird). Marvin the Martian also joined the crew to stake out a portion of the tree for Mars.

The starship Enterprise has taken high orbit around a glass globe gas giant with several LED stars in the background.

Superman and Batman patroled Treeopolis or Treeom successfully and no evil doers broke any ornaments or burned out any bulbs. Meanwhile, the most unique and rarest ornament, a tribute of an Indiana grain elevator, hung nearby, well protected.
Wood and glass ornaments join the festivities

The bubble lights did their thing (artificial trees with branches flexible enough to wrap around bubble lights have finally made these odd little lights stand up almost straight) and the rest of the ornament gang added twinkle and holiday cheer and/or nostalgia.

Meanwhile, son Mike and his girlfriend Kate found patterns online for Star Wars paper snowflakes, which grace the Dark Side of the tree, along with Darth Vader and the Emperor ... maybe Cap'n Nemo can take those nefarious characters on with his nuclear sub!

Finally, daughter Madeline made this paper ornament for French class ... an anime sort of teddy bear wishing you all Joyeux Noel for the rest of 2012.

Gotta fly (yeah I said it). See you next Christmas in ornaments. Have a wonderful new year!

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Jessica M said...

Great ornaments! I always love the handmade ones the best...Though there's ones that have survived our many moves throughout the year and have been with my husband and I since our very first Christmas..and those are reminders of simpler times, always bringing warmth with them when we take them out of their boxes to put them on the tree.

J.S. Brooks said...

Thanks Jessica. I really agree with you. We have our first ornament from our first Christmas together and our children's ornaments. They are treasures.