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Monday, January 9, 2012

Saving Game or the Video Game Tap of Doom

We all learn by experience and I have one to share with all the video gamers out there. This is news to me. I received a new game for Christmas. By the first Saturday in January, something had gone wrong. I would reach the stage when the game would load the next section ... and it would declare itself damaged. Removing the game from the system, I found the business side of the disc had a neat white scoring around one track. Taking it back to the game store where it was purchased, I made a disturbing discovery. It seems the game system was lightly tapped while the disc was moving and the surface of the disc came into contact with the surface of the laser that reads the program. This caused the scoring and lead to the termination of this shiny new game.

Fortunately, my wife is very smart. She had agreed to purchase the $3.00 one year replacement guarantee. Normally, I think these things are bogus, but in this case not so. The game was replaced free of charge and I came away with valuable new information.

The real kicker is this. All of the modern, disc reading game systems have this weakness. The tiniest nudge can lead to destruction of a sort no video game character can conquer.

So, be careful out there when you play. Make sure nobody bumps your system while your favorite game is being played, or you too will be headed back to the video store. And pick up that one year guarantee if it's offered for a reasonable rate. You may need it!

Things like this make me nostalgic for the old cartridge games ... until I think of the complexity and graphics of the modern games. Put in perspective, I'm not THAT nostalgic.

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