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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: Regular Book Promotion

When I opened this blog site, the intent was to advertise my children's book, Michael and the New Baby. Within the first year I discovered that stories entirely about the book and children's book-related posts simply weren't drawing enough attention.

I turned to blog posts on subjects that were interesting to me. That increased the traffic a lot. However, while drawing a more diverse readership, that didn't promote the book very often, with the exception of the masthead and materials down the right hand side, which are easy to ignore. What to do to promote the book?

At this point, I've settled on another option, placing a short ad of the NPR fundraiser sort at the end of each blog post with a hyperlink to the publisher's page selling the book. Will this help? Only time will tell. All I can say at this moment is this approach at least mentions the book on a regular basis. We'll see what happens. Here it is:

If you like what you read here, you can support this blog: You can order a copy of the children's book Michael and the New Baby directly from Old Line Publishing at: 

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