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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Perfect Child's Gift for Valentine's Day: Michael and the New Baby

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, visions of chocolates, flowers, and fancy restaurants are dancing in our heads. Spouses, fiancees, and special friends will all be expecting something special for the day Cupid flies again. If you have kids, you can go easy on the wallet or purse while showing your love by ordering that special child a copy of Michael and the New Baby. This is especially timely if this child is wrestling with the idea of becoming the new older brother or sister.

Want to talk about lovin' this V Day. Well, Michael and the New Baby assures the anxious child (any child actually) that there will be plenty of love to go around. Concerned about stuff this V Day? Michael and the New Baby lets children know that sharing is not difficult and actually helps. Concerned about confusing messages coming to your children from various media (cartoons are notorious for portraying older siblings as either villains or idiots)? Michael and the New Baby has your back. I've covered that as well. Through Michael and the New Baby, your child will also discover she or he is not alone in this. Others have been where they are, survived, and even done well and so will they. All in all, you couldn't ask for a much better message or gift for your child this Valentine's Day. And the price? Well, the price will make your wallet or purse glad this Valentine's Day too.

Oh yes, one more thing ... there are no sugary additives in this book to wind young children up on Valentine's Day. You know that is a plus!

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