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Friday, February 10, 2012

Divided Like This We Cannot Stand OR We May Disagree But We Are Not Evil!

Presented tonight for your consideration ... as the inimitable Rod Serling used to say, Bill Moyers recent interview on the subject of conservatives and liberals talking past each other, seeing the world differently, and labeling each other as "evil" for holding different views. I don't agree with everything that was said, but it was well said and is worth consideration.

One point made is we have come to an extremely dangerous place. If we do not resist the urge to divide into competing tribes and label each other as "the other" and "evil" then this great nation will not stand. If we do not set aside the politics of division and the demonizing of all who do not hold our personal views, we are doomed and deservedly so as we are too foolish to continue. I do not believe we are this base and this silly. I believe we can come together as we have so many times before. We can unite for the greater good. 

Liberals and conservatives need each other. They are opposite sides of the same coin. Together they represent two good realities that are worthy of pursuit but EACH side is needed to act as the brakes when the other side begins to accelerate too fast and head too far in one direction, whether that direction is too far left or too far right. Working together we can steer a course ahead into a constructive future. Failing to work together, continuing to divide in an attempt to conquer, continuing to pour inane amounts of money into political campaigns and to call the other side insane we will simply lurch right and left with each political cycle, drug one way and then the other by "swing" voters who choose the flavor currently out of power. 

Take a look at the Bible. God intended us for community with each other, each sharing our God given talents with each other that we might all profit from the experience. Jesus saved his harshest critiques for those who were in power and abused that power, aggrandizing themselves at the expense of their followers. He called them hypocrites and white washed tombs (appearing squeaky clean on the outside and rotten within). 

We can turn this thing around, but only if we work fast ... and work together. Together we can accomplish great things. Divided into warring tribes we will only create grief, hatred, blood, and death. Isn't it time we grew up and left tribalism to our bloody past? Isn't it time we started working together again, using our differences to mold a constructive future together? Watch the episode and think it over. 

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