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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cosmologist Grinds Ax on Radio Times, Tired Schtick, Old Data

The time: February 28, 2012. The place: Marty Moss-Coane's Radio Times. The situation: Tedious interview with new atheist cosmologist Lawrence Krauss and his "new" book of apparently rehashed material (couldn't tell otherwise from what was heard) who spent his time grinding his ax over issues of fundamentalist faith, which evidently really provoke him. Results: Silly name calling, old information, and nothing to keep the attention of anyone with even a passing knowledge of science. The result: Tuned to another station in disgust in 30 minutes.

I really like Marty Moss-Coane and her show. I've been interviewed there and considered it a high privilege. But the Lawrence Krauss interview on this particular Tuesday morning was an awful bore. Half way through I tuned out, tired of the old routine and aged "facts."

Look, new atheists, get a grip. Most Christians do not believe as the fundamentalists do. Repeat that to yourself three times, really slowly. Let it sink in. Most Christians of the moderate to progressive ranks are quite interested in cutting edge science, as I am. We want to hear what is new, our faith is not threatened by this information (hard to believe, no?), and we are far too mature to be impressed or swayed by your petty name calling or negative evidence "proofs."

Lawrence, and your buddy Richard, listen, your act is old and out of date. What do we hear when we listen to you? We hear fundamentalist atheists railing against fundamentalists of the religious sort, using arguments that are tired, thread bare, and really out of date. Lawrence, do you really believe any thinking faithful person has really supported that tired old "God of the Gaps" theology in the last thirty years? My lord, man, do some research. Speaking of research, in the first thirty minutes of Marty's show, which was all I could stomach, there was not one single fact or discovery that I hadn't already heard before, sometimes long ago and by folks far more engaging and less prickly than you. I thought your assertion that (if I have this straight ... and I may not ... I may have nodded off there) nothing before the Big Bang moment of singularity mattered because today's science cannot measure it. Now there's the rub. If science can't measure it, you are going to either disregard it or childishly, churlishly make fun of it with schoolboy japes. It's old sir, it's uninformed, it's knee jerk fundamentalism.

Come back when you want to discuss the new discoveries of radically different planets in our galaxy or other amazing evidence of realities far more complex than we imagined that will capture our attention, inspire our imaginations, and make us want to look to science for wonder and education. Until then, shelve the tired old "new" atheist routine and go back to science. Nobody is looking to you to disprove God. Nobody is interested. Get back to real science.

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