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Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrating Another Milestone: 700+ Posts

J.S. Brooks Presents has passed another milestone. We have just passed the 700 post mark. That's a lot of posts on wide ranging topics for parents, writers, bloggers, movie buffs, sci-fi fans, space exploration lovers, and so many others. Take some time and look over the work. There is something here for just about everyone. Enjoy.

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J. R. Nova said...

Congratulations! That's a sign of longevity right there. I just hit 50 posts on my own blog, and if I were to keep my current pace I'd get to 700 in, oh, about 5.5 years from now :D

J.S. Brooks said...

Thanks J.R. Just keep plugging away! Congrats on the first 50. The rest may come sooner than you think!