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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good News From Christianity: A Story Telling Challenge

Okay writers, here's an opportunity.  On April 29, tell others about your personal faith in story form online. A classic question to answer is what Jesus has meant to you in your life. What encounters have you had with the divine that changed your life. Here's a little hint: you attract more people with humor than most anything else.If people want to use this platform for taking the challenge, I'll make the blog site available for faith stories I feel meet the criteria. The story I deem best will receive a coveted Digital NO Award!

Out of bounds topics for this little contest through Michael and the New Baby: arguments are out of bounds, telling anyone they are going to hell is out of bounds, making statements that make others want to tell YOU to go to hell are most definitely out of bounds, and opinion pieces/political rhetoric thinly veiled as religious stories. Keep it positive, tell your story, and let God do the rest. As in the parable of the sower, all you have to do is drop the seed. Everything else isn't your business ... certainly not for this challenge. 

As an example of faith experience delivered with humor, here's an experience I had where God communicated with me when I grew impatient with the Almighty's plan ...

Sometimes I pray like a Psalmist. One day it’s prayers of thanksgiving and joy, the next it’s prayers filled with fuss and fury. At the end of one particularly bad day at work I peevishly asked God if this might not be the time to move me from the secular world into more faithful work. After all, this is your idea God. Well, the very next day, the reading assignment for my seminary class was all about how to wait and what God is doing in our lives while we wait. Later, I checked the revised common lectionary online. The reading for the day dealt with the wise bridesmaids who prepared while they waited for their groom to come. Finally, my horoscope caught my eye as I was reading the comics, a very important part of my daily ritual. Now, before I finish, let me assure you the horoscope is not where I look for guidance. After all, would you take advice from a column that described you as a scorpion, a small, poisonous bug? I don’t think so. Small indeed! And yet, something about that first line caught my eye. A little flicker of recognition drew me in. It read, “This is a good time to wait.” God had answered my prayer quite clearly, three times with three different texts. He’d even ended the discussion with humor, a grace note I really appreciated.

Good luck and God bless. 

 What follows are resources available for the challenge of Internet Evangelism Day:

The amazing growth of digital media is transforming the world and changing the way we communicate and even think. There are growing opportunities for digital evangelism. Internet Evangelism Day is an annual focus day, scheduled for 29 April 2012. It creates a space for churches, ministries and individual Christians to investigate the many options for sharing the good news online.
The Internet Evangelism Day website is also a year-round online resource guide to help Christians understand these varied opportunities. Topics covered include: how to build a church website that is 'outsider friendly', using Facebook and Twitter in evangelism, and the growing options for using your mobile phone.
For many of these opportunities, you need no technical knowledge at all. And there are many opportunities to volunteer to be an email mentor to inquirers who have visited outreach sites operated by several online ministries.
Internet Evangelism Day is an initiative of the Internet Evangelism Coalition, based at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton. It is supported by a wide range of Christian leaders and groups. "I am glad to commend Internet Evangelism Day," said the late John Stott.
More information:

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