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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sanity Saving Strategy for Driving Insane Highways and Byways

We are overly stressed! Of course, this is no news flash. We all know it. We all live with it. We all respond negatively to it ... and to each other BECAUSE of it. This is particularly true on the roads today, and we definitely take our stress out on each other. Somebody in the car in front of you cuts you off or merges too near your front bumper and you sound the horn in a long blast and flip the person off to make sure that offending driver gets your point. You're under stress, driving angry, and refuse to let another driver into the lane who needs to merge. Now there are two angry drivers. Sooner or later, somebody loses it on the highway and somebody else gets shot (in the most extreme cases).

But, there is a simple trick you can employ to help reduce your stress level while driving. When somebody makes a bad or thoughtless move on the road, resist the urge to write that person off as a total idiot, witless moron, or complete @!#%*!!! Instead, imagine that person is rushing off to a family emergency, flying down the highway with tear-clouded eyes to reach the local hospital. Or, if you prefer toilet humor, imagine that speeding, swerving driver has got to find a toilet NOW! If neither of those work for you, create any scenario that leads you to feel sympathy for the driver who just did whatever they did. It lowers your stress level and keeps you from making an instant judgment that does nothing more than make you angry and leave you with additional stress baggage to carry around with you for the rest of the day. Be generous in spirit with that other driver today. After all, sooner or later we all make bone-headed, thoughtless moves on the road and will need other people's generosity of spirit then.

Seed a little generosity today. It will spread. Maybe it'll keep somebody, somewhere from suffering road rage and doing something truly awful.


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