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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Runner's High, ME?! Adventures in Fitness 2: One Guy's Attempt to Knock Off the Rust

Session two at the fitness center came a week after session one, not ideal, but life got in the way.

One the first visit there were many small rewards. One the second visit there was one, for me, gigantic reward. I went for 20 minutes on the elliptical machine ... you know, the one with the foot peddles and hand grips where you stand and run (peddle, whatever) in place while a little computer gives you all sorts of stats that keep the type A mind engaged ... and the first ten were a little tough. After that, the body smoothed out and got into the routine. This time I brought an iPod and looked like everybody else, plugged in and self-focused. Well, toward the end of the time there I discovered that if you get your arms pumping, you get an extra kick and go faster. Suddenly I wanted to go faster. I wanted to cruise. I felt fine! Then the little computer piped up. Hey buddy, you're goin' too fast. I wanted your heart rate around 134 and you've got it up into the 150s. Slow it down buddy. Don't do anything crazy here!

That's when it hit me. I'd had my first runner's high. So what you ask? Big deal you say. Well, for a guy with performance asthma who thought he couldn't run a quarter mile without wheezing, this was a revelation. I'd gone over a mile and was feeling great. I hadn't known how well under control my condition was until that moment. Another false assumption about myself had crumbled.

Who knew that physical fitness could include self-discovery?

So, all you who suffer one long-term condition or another, explore the possibilities. First explore them with your doctor (mine told me get thee to a gym) and then explore them at the gym. Planet Fitness is very reasonably priced ... even for writers.

Care to join me? Who knows what you'll learn?

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