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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something Must Be Done: GstDiscovery: The SpaceX prepares for mission to International Space Sta...

Elon Musk has this right. We went to the moon in 1969 and once the political objectives were met we retreated to low earth orbit. This is not the direction we wish to go in the future. I hope private industry does breath new life and vigor into our efforts to reach more distant goals ... without gumming up the works as private industry can when greed becomes the controlling factor and shareholder's interests outweigh almost everything else.

Still, I'm hoping for a brighter future in space exploration, one in which we stretch our abilities and our vision and head off to exciting locations where we may learn much that will help us all. I also hope we regain a vision of ourselves in a vast universe and respond with awe.

As of this writing, the SpaceX Falcon rocket with its cargo filled Dragon capsule is scheduled for a predawn lift off at 4:55 am on May 19, 2012. Here's hoping that schedule sticks and the flight works beautifully. As of today, the International Space Station is fully crewed and ready to accept the payload. Good luck to all.

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