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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Movie Review: Brave Trailer 2 Official 2012 [HD] - Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly; Parents: Well Worth Taking Kids To See!

 Gather up the family and see Pixar's Brave together. It is well worth the time and money (whether in the theater or at home on the small screen). And parents, if you're concerned about exposing your daughters to fairy tale princess images of damsels awaiting rescue by princes and what that will do to their psyches, well, Brave is for you ... if you are brave enough! This is no fairy tale princess. This is an extremely able young woman who is at home in the great outdoors, riding horses, shooting arrows, and climbing mountain cliffs.

One of the real values of Brave is the mother/daughter relationship. In the beginning mom and daughter are at odds. Mom (the Queen of the land) is very much in the traditional mold, meeting expectations with grace and determination, taking charge of the court when necessary, and extremely competent in all things domestic. Her daughter is the polar opposite: totally in charge of the great outdoors and all things active, with no interest or apparent competency  in things domestic. Through circumstances the two are brought together and must work together, leaning on each other's strengths and discovering just how strong each person is. If you have teenage daughters, this is an especially good movie for mothers and daughters to see together. It may lead to some very interesting discussions.

There was a time, in the first Toy Story movie, when Pixar was frustrated with their ability to animate people. They have conquered that problem and proven so in Brave. The characters are wonderfully rendered and full of personality. Before it is over, you will be moved by them and their struggle.

For those of you who are real Pixar fans, watch the movie carefully and see if you think that Gerald from the Pixar short Gerald's Game hasn't made a guest appearance in a wildly different role. Let me know if you think he's there!

There is plenty of action and adventure, joy and comedy, plus the treat of this complex theme weaving through the story for those who can appreciate it. Young and old alike can enjoy Brave ... although it may be too intense for the very young (parents of the pre-K set would be wise to preview the movie yourselves first).

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