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Friday, June 15, 2012

Neanderthal Art? Are We Wrong About These Guys AGAIN?!

News Flash: The eerie hands painted in the Spanish cave by blowing red paint around them are older than people thought, if one archaeologist's findings are correct, thousands of years older, around 40,800 years old to put a finer point on it. At that time, Neanderthals pretty much owned Europe. Our direct ancestors were just starting to move in from Africa.

So, once again, the race we dismissed as dumb, lumbering, massive buffoons soon to be picked off by thinner, smarter, more agile us may have had more going for them than we imagined.

Of course, another archaeologist points out that there is plenty of early, primitive symbolic art from those early versions of us, and to date none from the Neanderthals. She wonders why they would suddenly begin right around the time we showed. up. Then again ... perhaps we've been overlooking other evidence of Neanderthal creativity.

Only time and careful study will tell. Until then, lets defer judgment on how simple-minded those Neanderthals were. We may embarrass ourselves yet again if we don't!

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