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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Plot Holes Spoil Films

Plot Holes Ahead
My wife and I saw the movie Prometheus for Father's Day [WARNING: If you haven't seen it and want to, STOP reading this post NOW]. We enjoyed the beginning, the archaeology, the mystery, the special effects ... but soon we started hitting those plot holes (rhymes with pot holes for a reason) and our suspended disbelief (essential for enjoying a good yarn) was first rattled, then jarred, and then shattered. By the end of the movie we had scads of questions and our enjoyment of the story had been swallowed by a black hole of unresolved questions.

Here are a few examples: Toward the end of the film, the gallant captain and navigator and somebody else thwarted the evil bald-headed pasty white amply muscled 2000 year old alien, who woke up cranky, from shipping a cargo freighter full of biological hazards to earth by ramming it with Prometheus, destroying their ship and dropping the doughnut-shaped alien craft out of the sky, where it lands sideways and begins rolling toward two of the main characters, both women, across an open plain. Our female protagonist and antagonist (apparently) see the crushing rolling doom coming their way and choose to run straight away from it. Really?! A few steps to either side on a vast open plain and both ladies can safely watch the giant wheel of alien Armageddon roll past them. Making it worse, both fall simultaneously. Women falling while running in movies is a time-honored (yet tired) cliche, but two women falling together is slapstick at best, ridiculous at worst. At this point, the heroine comes to her senses and moves sideways to avoid the crushing mega-doughnut. The female villain however simply turns over onto her back and watches her crushing doom approach while screaming "no, no, no" at it. She had time for 5-6 "no's" before meeting her fate. I would think 5-6 rolls sideways instead of screaming "no" or even while screaming "no" would have saved her skin. That's just one example. There are scads more. What was your favorite plot hole?

Other movies have also produced prodigious plot holes that drove the belief in the scenario detailed straight down the drain. In The Blair Witch Project, this spook-fest proved once and for all that suburban teens just can't find their way through a small woodland area. But the gaping plot hole for me happens right near the end (Spoiler Alert if there's anyone on the planet who still hasn't seen this and wants to, stop now). The terrified final duo, having lost friends to spooky late night mutterings and tiny souvenir craft dolls, try to escape. They know something is wrong. They come to a dilapidated house full of foreboding. And they go inside, lambs to the slaughter style. Instead, what they should have done was follow the house's driveway to a road and that road to civilization to get the police in on the action. No house sprouts up in the woods like an overgrown mushroom, after all. I got to that point and just threw my hands up as the last of my suspended disbelief crashed to the floor and shattered in that final plot hole.

I could go on, but won't.

There are many more to choose from. I simply don't have time to continue. What are your favorites? I'd love to know.

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