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Monday, June 18, 2012

Solution to Frozen Facebook Toolbar

No, this isn't the computer I'm using today
From time to time, trying to solve one problem creates another. Recently, Firefox stopped running YouTube videos for me (Google Chrome will, but that program likes to freeze up). In trying to solve that problem, "googling" answers across the Internet, and downloading a few small programs that were said to be helpful, another problem was generated. The Facebook toolbar stopped working. Once logged in, you couldn't log out. You couldn't check the messages, comments, or anything else. It was frustrating.

Using Google Chrome, I searched for solutions while Firefox remained stuck on Facebook (at least in one tab). The initial happy result is that the History section was cleared out (long overdue) and cached extraneous data no longer clogs my machine. However, neither solution solved the problem.

Then, along came the happy accident: I right clicked on one of the new toolbars that had accumulated with the download of other programs. Among the options there was to close said toolbar. I selected this until all extra toolbars were closed ... and VOILA, problem solved. Immediately the Facebook toolbar was functioning like its old self again. I don't know which of the other toolbars was interfering with it and I don't care. I'm not bringing them back.

So, if you run into the same problem, and you have multiple toolbars, try this simple solution. Good luck.

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