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Monday, July 9, 2012

Adventures in Fitness 6: One Guy's Attempt to Knock the Rust Off: Guaranteed Lingering Effects

I ran into some medical, psychological, and career professionals in the last week who gave me strong affirmations to continue with my "knock the rust off" physical fitness campaign at the gym. According to these experts, and most surprising to me, the calorie burning accompanying the workout at the gym (or with exercise at home) doesn't end when the last routine is completed. Apparently, the body's metabolism remains at a heightened state for some time and continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate once you have finished. This is a workout bonus worth sweating for!

These experts also confirmed, stridently, that is your career,  your job, and/or your life produces stress, then exercise is a must. During and following an exercise routine, your stress level is greatly reduced. Turns out that during a workout it is hard as can be to continue worrying about life's little aggravations while sweating, breathing hard, and pushing your muscles to work hard. Afterwards, there is a lingering glow in the body that  leaves you satisfied and relaxed.

So, these are two reasons to begin and/or continue working out. I'll be heading for the gym tonight.

The biggest challenge is to change your life just enough to make working out part of your regular routine. You'll tell yourself you just don't have the time in this hectic life. But, we have all found time for cable TV and for online ... everything ... to the tune of many hours a week. If you can find time for that, you can certainly find a spare hour three times a week to improve your health and your outlook every week. I didn't think I could at first, but I have ... and I'm reaching the point where I insist on it.

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