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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fight For Space - Documentary Film Trailer

On the 42nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, this trailer and the forthcoming movie are quite appropriate. Let's work together to make sure NASA does not die, America does not recede into "has been" status by ceasing space exploration and technology development, and our children do not grow up without the wonder and desire to go into science that comes straight from seeing exciting space exploration underway. I grew up with Apollo. I want my kids to be in awe as we travel to Mars and beyond. I want their kids to be able to go there themselves!

Push your politicians to FUND aggressive human flight space exploration (I don't use "manned" because we have many capable women astronauts today). Tell them to divert monies from buying high office, step back from military funding so high our forces are 7 times more powerful and expansive than any other on earth (yeah--I DO support the troops--I want them home and out of harm's way and not fighting half forgotten elective wars), and insist they stop giving huge breaks to big oil and coal if they have the temerity to say "we don't have the money to spend on space." All monies spent "on space" are spent right here on planet earth, creating and perpetuating jobs for many, many people. All the spin off technology benefits each and every person on earth in one way or another.

Thanks again to my friends at Universe Today for bringing this footage to my attention.

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