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Friday, August 3, 2012

A Foretaste of Doom Foretold: Superman 1 Deleted Scene: Krypton Destruction From 3hr TV Version.wmv

 Yesterday, August 2, I was rocked to my core. On the noon NPR broadcast I heard the teaser (and unfortunately not the story) for a conservative scientist who has had a change of heart and now believes humans are indeed causing global warming. I gasped. Here is a sure sign of impending apocalypse!

It reminded me of the 1978 Superman, the first Christopher Reeve film, in which the Superman origins story is played out. In an early scene (not shown here), if remembered correctly, a group of Kryptonian scientists argue whether their planet faces extinction or not. The two camps argued fervently while the swollen sun hung ominously in the sky all around them. I remember thinking, "With the evidence staring them full in the face, how could anyone be so stupid as to deny it?" I laughed at the implausibility of it all. Well, that was back in college. Now, older, I understand better. Here the global warming issue stares us full in the face, as menacing in its own way as that red giant star, and we argue.

Well, now we have massive flooding of low lands, raging fires in the West of record-breaking size, and in the US a drought extending across an unprecedented half of all the counties in the US ... and in the US breadbasket to boot. It is getting worse and still many argue for many reasons. I hope we come to grips  with our situation before we suffer the fate of those Kryptonians from the funny pages. Hopefully we'll be smarter. Hopefully.

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