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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Promoting Ignorance Ain't Bliss: We Reap the Whirlwind of Dumb

There's a foul wind blowing in the world today ... and it smells like stupid. It is the fragrant harvest from the eager plantings of the seeds of ignorance in many toxic forms for many decades. It has consequences, for individuals and humanity alike.

Republican Representative Todd Akin is the most recent devotee of dumb who unwittingly yanked aside the curtain and exposed the smallness of the person who follows the credo "keep 'em ignorant, keep 'em happy in their ignorance, give 'em bread and circuses so we can steamroll them." Rep. Akin promoted the incredibly ignorant stance of many radical anti-abortion activists that states in cases of "legitimate rape" (Rep. Akin's words) the woman's body will shut the reproductive system down and she won't get pregnant. Medical professionals will tell you that stance is as ignorant as the ancient Greek belief that women who stood on hilltops when days were windy would become pregnant. I'm delighted to report that this incredibly ignorant pronouncement was jumped on by nearly everyone, including the Republican Party hierarchy (to their credit). Rep. Akin compounded the problem by defending himself with the statement, "I misspoke one word in one sentence on one day, and all of a sudden, overnight, everybody decides, 'Well, Akin can't possibly win." What foolishness. Perhaps devious foolishness. It certainly tries to divert attention from the main issue. The real, vile, contemptible thesis behind this statement is that no woman who becomes pregnant in a rape has truly been raped. She must have "wanted it" or "enjoyed it" as no woman who is truly raped will ever get pregnant. Her reproductive system will shut down or throw up "God's little shield" as they like to say, trying desperately to wrap this evil lie in religion. And of course, all of this is being promoted by a member of the power structure that decides the laws of the nation. Women, how many of the males in the House and Senate do you imagine harbor the same vile idea and will seek to use it to deny abortion (a tragic but sometimes necessary option) to you all under any circumstance?

Since this was written, it has come out that VP hopeful Paul Ryan endorses this view of rape. The Republican party has placed an abortion plank (very conservative, not beneficial to women) in their party platform based on this bad science couched in biological ignorance. Further, Mitt Romney is employing the tactics of ignorance by continually lying about the current administration's reform to Welfare, stating that the President has removed the back to work provision. This has been found to be a blatant lie by all fact checking organizations. But, Romney and crew continue to use it because the ways of ignorance require repetition. It is known that if you repeat something, no matter how foolish, long enough and loud enough, some people will believe you. In an exercise of collective ignorance, in this age, we have chosen to be skeptical of all organizations, no matter how non-partisan, that do not agree with our personal opinions, especially those opinions fertilized with rank stupidity. This creates a perpetuation of ignorance that leads to incredibly bad decision making ... such as, rough 30 U.S. states give rapists parental rights! What?! Oh yes! Ignorance based decision making reaps the "whirlwind of dumb," creating much suffering when acted upon.(Seem like a one-sided political rant ... well, Todd Akin started it and gave me my launching point but neither party is free of blame in this regard. Both have made and perpetuated incredibly dumb decisions based on faulty data ... ask our military personnel how that has worked out for them.)

We live in an anti-intellectual climate where all experts are suspect and any idea requiring research or actual thought is deemed a lie. If we continue to move forward in this way, we will continue to foul our own nests and bring about our own downfall. There are too many of us and our tools are too powerful now to let ourselves fall into the clutches of ignorance. We must not allow those who apparently don't have our best interests at heart continue to manipulate us with ignorance in all its forms to their profit and our loss. It could be the death of us all if we continue down this path of rampant stupidity.

Pick up a book, do some research, defy the powers of ignorance. It never leads to bliss. 

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