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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update Mars: Landing Photos Captured

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, flying high overhead, used its HiRise camera to capture the landing of the Curiosity rover. Shown here is Curiosity riding the largest supersonic parachute ever created toward its succesful landing in Gale Crater. Looking forward to seeing more pictures, especially of the Sky Crane in action.

In the second photo released, Curiosity uses one of its own cameras to capture the heat shield falling away from the rest of the ship during landing.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captures all the landing components. 
Traveling high overhead the MRO captures an image of all the pieces of the Curiosity lander: the intact rover (most important), the back shell and parachute, the heat shield, and the smear left by the discarded Sky Crane's impact. This wild, complicated landing mechanism worked wonderfully. We should see this system again.

Thanks NASA for the great photo and the great adventure.

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