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Friday, August 3, 2012

Mars Only Days Away for Curiosity: William Shatner Hosts "Grand Entrance" - Curiosity's Landing on Mars | N...

 I leave you with this ... my last Curiosity post before landing in the wee hours of early Monday morning. Enjoy William Shatner's narration of the action to come, given as only he can.

See you in the early hours as we wait through the "7 minutes of terror" as NASA's engineers call them to see if Curiosity lands softly and begins a two year mission ... or becomes another victim of the red planet's ire. Two orbiters have been maneuvered into position to provide early signals of success or an unwanted silence. One will attempt to capture pictures of the landing itself, which should be unique given the first-ever deployment of the Sky Crane. As a bonus, Curiosity will also be taking pictures of its own landing, so in time we'll get to witness a landing on Mars first hand.

I'm curious to discover what data Curiosity has collected about the levels of radiation that impacted the robot through its shell during flight. That will be vital data for future human long-term space flight outside of the earth's magnetosphere.

God speed Curiosity and good luck all you who had a hand in Curiosity's design and implementation. See you Monday.

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