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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: Social Media

It's confession time. I started this blog without a clue about how to make it work. I've posted the discoveries I've made along the way for other hapless beginners like myself. Now, let's be honest, just you and me reader. If you're reading this, you're an immigrant to the world of the Internet and all things computerized and high tech. You're probably not in your twenties or below (I pick that cut off date because the Internet starts in earnest in 1991 and all those born after that date have grown up with all the media options open before them all their lives--they are natives to this high tech landscape while the rest of us are immigrants to its digital shores). You may have more or less some clue about how this stuff works but it doesn't come naturally to you.

So, I'm going to do something I have not yet done. I'm going to explore more deeply that distant land and some of its principalities. I'm heading into the social media jungle more deeply (I've only stuck a toe in so far ... not really understanding what happens in these alien lands or what the native customs are). I'll send messages back from time to time and let you know I'm still alive in those foreign shores and digital jungles.

I have reasons for this. I want to understand better what the natives know and learn how better to get out my messages via these media of choice for so many. I intend to find out how to better use the tools I've signed up for, namely Twitter and Google Plus. Facebook I'm familiar with ... but I doubt I've plumbed its depths yet. I'll let you know what I find.

I'm spurred by the son of a friend of mine. In a 24 hour telethon on his own popular site for food reviews called he raised $20,000 and 3000+ pounds of food for food banks in North Carolina. That is the equivalent of 102,000 meals. That's the kind of power to help others I'd like to try to harness. There must be ways to do this. I just have to find out what they are.

Are there any friendly social media natives out there who would like to act as my guide?

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