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Friday, September 21, 2012

When iPad App Updates Fail: A Quick Fix

When I graduated from seminary, I became the proud owner of an Apple iPad 3 and a Kensington wireless keyboard with case. It is a thing of beauty. It is also addictive. Somehow, with its little pings for updates of various sorts waiting within and appointments to keep, it makes you feel important (very sneaky Apple folks). The screen is gorgeous. And the applications (Apps) seem endless.

Then something goes wrong. You go to upload App updates (which have happened seamlessly many times) and hit upload all, only then wondering if 10 uploads is too many at once. And you're stuck. All those little apps awaiting updates dim and a bar opens at the bottom of each app icon and says, "Waiting...". And you wait, and they wait, and nothing happens. It's stuck. After the initial panic, "Noooo, I've broken my new best digital friend," you start asking yourself what you can do.

Here's one solution:

  • Go back to your full blown computer and bring up the iTunes program. 
  • Go to the Apps icon on the left and click on it.  
  • Upload all the App updates to your trusty computer
  • Plug your stuck iPad to the computer (by the way, the other programs and features keep working so your beloved iPad is not dead ... keep telling yourself that)
  • Synchronize the iPad to the computer.
  • Your Apps should change from waiting, updating themselves from the computer
  • Should any App refuse to upload updates this way, banish it from the iPad by holding your finger down on the App until the little X appears and the icons dance. 
  • Press the X, removing the App, and reload it. If you have paid for this App through the Apple Store, this will be remembered and you won't have to do it again. 
Added bonus information: If you have one of the most recent iPads and you are asked in iTunes if you want the update, agree to it. You'll end up with the Siri program ... which once again will make you feel more important and even happier with your iPad (again, Apple people, very sneaky indeed. Well played.)

That's it for now. Oh yes, one last thing: If you use computers regularly and are faster on a keyboard than with a pen, go ahead and invest the extra $100 to get a wireless keyboard. You'll be happier with that than the keyboard iPad comes with (nothing wrong with it Apple people, nothing at all). The internal digital keyboard is a little small, very sensitive, and of course can't give you any tactile input on the location of the keys. For casual use, the internal keyboard is fine (answering email, Facebook, etc.) but if you want to correct a document or do something else where detailed typing is involved, you'll like the wireless keyboard and the results you get (also a bit small, but you get used to it). 


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