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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Observing a Time of Silence to Mourn a Loss

J.S. Brooks will fall silent for a time as we mourn the passing and celebrate the life of a beloved family member. A person of strength, truth, and love, a much loved child of God whom we will miss greatly but whom we know is now in the arms of our loving God. We will meet again one fine day.

I'll leave you with a passage from Brian D McLaren's Naked Spirituality to consider before I go:

As we approach our death, we will have our walk on the beach [this passage speaks of Jesus meeting several of his disciples on the beach after Jesus' resurrection], our opportunity to say yes to God even in death. We will see that life itself is a gift that we are in the end asked to let go of for the sake of others. We will relinquish our space here so someone else may fill it; we will vacate our room so someone else may have a place to stay. We do this in love for future generations, just as past generations did for us, trusting that we will receive an even greater gift of an even more wonderful life for having relinquished this one. Will we say yes?
[Author speaking of his own death] And my yes of surrender and trust will allow me to let go of this life and fall not into a bottomless pit of darkness, but into love, into light, into God, into the company of all our ancestors who are upheld in God's love, into a fullness of life that I cannot even imagine now. That falling will be a rising.
Someone very close to me has given that final yes. As I write this with tears of grief for my loss, for my family's loss, clouding my eyes, my grief is tempered by knowing where that final yes has taken her. She is now rising in the love and joy of God.

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