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Friday, November 30, 2012

Celebrating 880 Posts

As of last night, J.S. Brooks Presents has reached its 880th post! Who knew we'd reach that number?! Who knew I'd find blogging worth doing 800 times. The blog site has changed a lot in that time. First it was dedicated entirely to focusing on the book Michael and the New Baby. In time, I learned that such an effort was not worth while. For a moment the blog teetered on extinction. Then I decided to write about whatever I pleased and things took an uptick. Discovering first Networked Blogs and then Google+ drove the numbers of readers monthly higher. The numbers are still really modest ... I haven't the time to sweep the bloggosphere for more communities and linkages to others sites by socializing (all efforts on this blog are done in 20 to 30 minutes of speed writing in the mornings). So, now we have discussions of children's books, books more far ranging, movies, faith issues, astronomy, space flight, archaeology, and whatever else catches my attention on a daily basis ... along with a variety of short YouTube videos to mix things up.

So here's to 880 posts down, the next 880 posts to come, and whatever the future may bring. And here's to you, readers. Keep dropping by. Thanks for reading ... now, come on, buy a copy of Michael and the New Baby. I'll be glad you did!

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