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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Civil Democracy in Evidence at Polling Place

Yesterday, I was surprised and pleased with the turnout and attitudes at our polling place. I arrived ten minutes prior to the polls opening at 7 AM. I was the 33rd person in line at that moment. By the time I had voted and was leaving, the size of the crowd had doubled.

The people gathered were civil and courteous with one another, even (dare I say it) friendly! I stood next to a retired Marine. He told me he was voting for his five buddies in the Corps who never made it home from war to vote themselves. We passed the time together exchanging stories. Not once did political rhetoric or campaign ad vitriol pass our lips, or those of the others in line, OR those of the party reps from each side present outside the polling place. The general consensus was we were all grateful that the political ads were now to be soon behind us, given their frequency and mendacity. It was a very good experience.

There was one peculiar note however. After the representatives of the parties were done setting up their lawn signs, it felt like we'd entered a strange parallel universe. The signs for the Republican candidates were all located on the far left and those for the Democratic candidates occupied the far right. "How weird is that?" (to lift a line from Serenity).

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