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Thursday, November 15, 2012

OUR STORY: The SETI Institute

 A short film for those of you out there who do believe the "Truth is Out There." Frank Drake begins this short story. Keep up the search guys. I understand they will start looking for laser pulse communication as well. I've long wondered if more advanced civilizations than ours out there would actually still be using radio.

Considering the scientific discoveries become ever more startling, finding life seems ever more plausible. Now some astronomers believe there may be more "rogue" planets in the galaxy than stars themselves (although you won't find life on planets tossed out of their solar systems ... at least not life we know how to search for. We now have evidence that planets orbit a wide range of stars and in strange varieties of ways. Now we also know that there is at least one planet circling that often used in science fiction stories locale, Alpha Centauri, our nearest stellar neighbor. So, who knows what the next big find will be?

As always, thanks to my friends at Astronomy Today for pointing me to this short film.

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